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Richest Group treat employees have been the biggest wealth for the enterprise ,to provide generous benefits for employees,pleasant working environment, perfecting the on-the-job training, good career development path and platforms. Motivate employees and for customers to create first-class products and services that has grade, to create a more lucrative value for the society. Pay attention to play to the role of the enterprise trade union organizations, concerned about the staff's life, health, make you work in a harmonios pleasant environment; Deeply carry out various forms of group activities actively, motivate staff hard work, dedication, maintain good state of mind.


Kevin Dai
· In 2005, graduated from Hubei University of appliced chemistry specialty;
· In 2009 at the Shanghai PROCHEMA company marketing work;
· Founded in the 2012, Mr Dai is chemical technology co., LTD., leading research and development of the OLED intermediates, precious metal catalyst, nanometer materials project products, in the field has been in the domestic leading;

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